Use of an E-mail client such as Outlook, Outlook Express, Thunderbird etc. is simply old technology. It's kind of like a fax machine, do we really need them? Check out some of the reasoning listed below.

Benefits of Using WebMail


Mac / Windows / Unix / Linux. They are all the same. The browser becomes the client

Ease of access

Webmail lets you check your email from any computer anywhere in the world. You only need a web browser program and a live internet connection.

No additional software required

Checking your email account through a webmail interface requires only the web browser program and there are tons of these available – check the web browser list. Also, most webmail interfaces would look almost the same in different browsers which makes it easy for beginners to access email from another computer. Email clients can be confusing for users. Some users try to connect with POP others IMAP, desktop support can become a nightmare, costing you time and money.

Easier Learning curve

Almost all Web Interfaces for Email are very intuitive. It’s easier to learn to use email through a webmail interface than a dedicated email client.

Webmail is Customizable

Today, with the launch of themes, webmail interfaces are highly customizable and definitely prettier than email clients. Google Apps has one of the best

With webmail there is no need to own a computer

Since webmail accounts can be used from any computer, you don’t need to own a machine yourself. Check your e-mail from anywhere.

Updates and addition of new features

Webmail interface and features can be modified and tested faster than those in email programs. If you use a Gmail account, you probably know of the new features that are being added continually to your account through the Gmail Labs. Also all these modifications and additions require little or no input from your side. Thus, there is often no need to download an upgrade and then install it!

Storage space

People who use email programs may argue that the constrain of storage space for messages and attachments is a disadvantage of webmail. This is no longer true, as business email accounts offered by clustered networks provide apple storage for years of email.


If you crash your PC, you can simply fire up another computer and continue using your webmail. Everything will be as you left it because it is in the clould. No worries of data loss, even if your computer crashes or in the case of theft.

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